Which NBA First Name Creates the Best Starting Five?

Michael. Larry. Moses. Mention these names to the most casual of NBA fans, and they know that you mean Jordan, Bird, and Malone, and not Doleac, Siegfried, and Brown. Even among other highly accomplished individuals, the all-time greats are so transcendent that they are recognized by their first names alone. We all agree who the best Michael is, but who are the other great (or good) Michaels?

ggplot2: Going Beyond the Defaults

With ggplot2 - the ubiquitous tool for making plots in R - you can create beautiful data visualizations without doing much to the defaults. By applying the template below (see R for Data Science), adding a theme (e.g., theme_light()), and giving your chart custom labels, you can have a publication-ready visualization. ggplot(data = <DATA>) + <GEOM_FUNCTION>( mapping = aes(<MAPPINGS>), stat = <STAT>, position = <POSITION> ) + <COORDINATE_FUNCTION> + <FACET_FUNCTION> But the more I pay attention to how people respond to visualizations, the more I realize how minor improvements can make a major difference.

A Brief History of NBA Three-Point Attempts: 1998 to 2018 Seasons

On October 29, 2018, in a game against the Chicago Bulls, Klay Thompson attempted 24 three-pointers, making 14 of them; both marks set NBA records. A couple months after that his teammate Stephen Curry attempted 14 three pointers in a single half of a single NBA game, which tied an NBA record. That same game, the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings made a combined 41 threes, a total that had never been reached before.